About the film:
”according to the rules of dramaturgy
you’ve entered part 2, a void of grief”
Pt.2 is a directed search for meaning based on a meaningless premise.
An apathetic and weak-willed performer simultaneously play 12 roles. In fictional language, and in a passive and uncommitted manner, each character tackles the task of finding meaning.
A science fiction piece about the mourning process after a disaster has taken place.
Pt.2 is sorrow with a physical haunt, a suffocating supper. By means of expressionism and physical theatre, the artist sets a trap for herself in order to avoid the self-proclaimed search for meaning.
(Music: Johan Johansson, produced by Mattias Granbom)

About the costumes:
A dress//sheild//dirty smelly bandage//theatre costume
visual communication for damage//plastered body//
In case of sudden risk of bleeding to death, wrap the nearest textile as a bandage / evening dress – keep your head high and continue with your everyday life
Costumes made out of old and used household textiles or furniture fabrics by the fictional fashion brand POMPOÉTIQUE

the work consists of three pieces, the movie, the script, the costumes

Tiden är kommen för andra akten

Tolv sargade själar möts över middag i Esmeralda Ahlqvists dystopiska kammardrama.
Personerna talar med varandra i ett tillstånd av utpumpad uppgivenhet, maktlöshet och sorg på ett språk som låter bekant men ändå är oförståeligt för oss. Vi får följa hur de försöker resonera sig tillbaka till en geist som kan göra livet meningsfullt igen.
Kostymerna kommer finnas uppställda utan skyddsglas och inom räckhåll för klåfingriga besökare.

På grund av corona så ber vi er stanna hemma vid minsta sjukdomssymptom. Vi erbjuder handsprit på plats, och ber er hålla avstånd till andra besökare. Är du i riskgrupp? Prata med oss så kan vi ordna en egen visning.

Välkomna till Pt. 2

ESMERALDA AHLQVIST arbetar fritt i olika material och hantverk som sedan flätas samman till helgjutna upplevelser och performativa videoverk. Hon är utbildad i konceptuell scenkonst vid Teaterhögskolan i Malmö och verksam i det Malmöbaserade performancekollektivet Fördärvet.

The time has come for the second act to commence.

Twelve ravaged souls meet over dinner in Esmeralda Ahlqvist’s dystopian sci-fi drama.
The characters speak with each other in something like a state of exhausted dejection, powerlessness, and sorrow, using a language that may sound familiar but is incomprehensible. Together they try to reason their spirits back to vivacity and make life meaningful again.
The costumes will be put on display, without any barriers, and in reach for fiddling visitors.

Because of CV-19 we ask you to stay at home if you have any symptoms. We offer hand sanitizer, and ask you to please keep the distance to other visitors. Are you at-risk? Please contact us for a private viewing.

Welcome to Pt. 2

ESMERALDA AHLQVIST works using different materials and handicrafts, and neatly puts together as accomplished experiences in the shape of performance art and video installations. She graduated in Conceptual Performing Arts at Teaterhögskolan in Malmö and is a part of the Malmö-based performance art-collective Fördärvet.