Cover image for Weaving/Unveiling
27.10-02.12 - 2023

We are delighted to invite you to our new group exhibition exploring the infinite, celebrated yet controversial art form of drag through three artists and drag performers. In the stillness of the gallery, stories about struggle and community arise as well as journeys of self, identity, transformation and family. A weaving together of three explorations, three perspectives and three artists - unveiling the person behind the persona, and the immense work, passion and dedication behind the performance.

Participating artists:

Sako Dersahagian / Evita Kedavra

Carl-Johan Paulsen / Leo Patra

Shaya Khalil / Joe Lion

This is a collaboration between REDAN Gallery and Club Mermaid. We launched the open call named ‘Art of Drag’ earlier this year, hoping to bridge a gap between the drag and the arts community and showcase drag artists in a new way. Working interdisciplinary in the art sphere brings forward expressions that otherwise might end up in the margins. A special thanks to the jury group; Ranya Asadi, Venus Verze and Queen Marqua in addition to Jonna Blode Hanno from Club Mermaid, Ludvig Nilson and Ottie Marusarz from REDAN.

About us

Club Mermaid is a Malmö based drag show aiming to showcase drag talent and provide a safe and loving space for the LGBTQ+ community. Founded by Jonna Blode Hanno in 2022 Club Mermaid wants to provide opportunites for drag artists and work to enhance the development of drag and its artistic range.

REDAN was birthed in 2018 out of the need for exhibition spaces for young and aspiring artists. Since then about 30 exhibitions have been produced and we successively found ourselves leaning towards spatial exhibitions, interdisciplinary collaborations and a playfulness towards the expectations of a gallery.

This exhibition is supported by Malmö Municipality and Swedish Arts council.