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21.03-20.04 - 2024


17-20 | PERFORMANCE 18:00

“The human animal learns everything as it initially learnt its mother tongue, as it learnt to venture into the forest of things and signs surrounding it, so as to take its place among human beings: by observing and comparing one thing with another, a sign with a fact, a sign with another sign.”*

Standing in the middle of scattered words, images, signs and symbols you have to use yourself to activate the scene. EASY FORM HARD claims the entire gallery space at REDAN as a stage.

When you enter a space, you have to relate to what’s inside of it - do you receive the disparate impressions?

Reality is our best kept fiction. Words, lines, symbols and images. We construct a narrative around us that is so inherently real, it has an order - it makes sense, but also that is just a fiction. Art can be used to intervene with that order - the status quo getting lost to a new system, for a while, in between those four white gallery walls.

You are all very welcome to a sparkly opening night perceived as it is. Niels Munk Plum will present a performance during the evening. You are hereby invited. We look forward to seeing you.

All the best, REDAN & Niels Munk Plum

EXHIBITION OPENING: Thursday 21.03, 18-21
Performance at 18:00PERFORMANCE:
Thur 21/3 18:00
Sat 06/4 15:00
Sat 20/4 15:00

Exhibition period 21.03-20.04

Regular opening hours
Wednesday - Friday 14-18
Saturday 12-16

Produced with support by Malmö Stad and Statens Kunstfond