Karabo Mooki is a practicing photographer and visual artist from Johannesburg, South Africa.
This photo documentation focuses on the Punk Rock and skateboarding culture movement in Soweto, South Africa – highlighting the unexpected growth of influential youth culture rising from the infamous township of Soweto. Punk Rock and skateboarding keep the youth inspired and unafraid of pursuing their dreams in an environment that is not receptive to “white music and white sports” without public scrutiny or fear of being stereotyped.
This movement is the focus of documentation through the lives of the gatekeepers of the punk movement in Soweto.
These unlikely role models from the band “The Cum In Your Face (T.C.I.Y.F)” have influenced both their community and outsiders. By bridging borders through what many may deem as anti-establishment and non-con-formative forms of self-expression.
This group of punk-rockers continue to aspire and inspire young black children and adults from the townships to the suburbs. Debunking the stereotypes and the misconceived identity, the world has shaped what it means to be Punk-Rock, and from its one-dimensional perception as an only white accessible genre.
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